2 Hour Adventure Hike - £20

A 2 hour adventure hike is a chance for the more adventurous city-dwelling pups to experience some countryside routes. We go a bit further afield for these walks so your dog can visit new places and gain confidence in meeting new dogs and people.

1 Hour Dog Walk*Request Only

Both walking services provides important exercise, socialisation and enrichment for your dog. They also includes collecting your dog, safely transporting them to  the walk destination, before returning them back to your home clean and content. A discount for two dogs from the same home applies. Solo walks can also be arranged if your dog prefers one to one attention.

Image by Berkay Gumustekin

Additional Services

60 Minute Pet Visit - £10

This service includes letting dogs out, cleaning any litter trays and 'accidents', feeding and playing.

60 Minute Puppy Pop-ins - £10

This service is an hour pop-in for smaller puppies that cannot yet leave the house for walks. This helps your puppy adjust to your new working life and gives you peace of mind whilst you are at work. Includes an hour of cuddles, playing, feeding and reinforcing any training that you have put in place. Any mess will be cleaned during the visit. Once puppies are old enough, smaller walks can be incorporated into the visit until they can take part in full walks.

Pet Sitting

This service includes a one hour walk for dogs. All pets will be fed, exercised and enriched with games and enrichment as well as kisses and cuddles during nap time! Pet sitting can be booked in a 12 hour slot (7pm-7am) - £25 or a 24 hour slot - £35

Contact me to discuss the best service for your pet.



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